What our Customers say...


Terrific service. When I called SERVPRO, they gave me a time and they showed up promptly. The team did everything possible to make sure we were back in our house as quickly as possible. Roman should give customer service training to other companies. 

Team, keep doing what you are doing. The staff is phenomenal, make sure you take care of them and they will continue to perform above and beyond. Taylor, Rachel, and the entire team made a devastating and stressful situation easier to handle. Quite frankly, my house is probably cleaner than it has ever been. Thankyou for working so hard to help us recover. 

The crew that came out was excellent and very professional. They answered all of my questions to my satisfaction. They made sure I understood the process from start to finish. 

We were so very happy with the professionalism and kindness and concern of our SERVPRO professionals. They took the time to listen to our concerns and helped us understand the process every step of the way. Thank you for getting us quickly on track to start the repairs. We certainly would recommend this team. 

I am very satisfied with the service provided by Taylor, Rachel, TK, and Heather. They are a great team, highly professional, courteous, and dedicated. They did an excellent job and I highly recommend them. 

The crew was great. They helped me in so many ways. Without TJ and Lynwood I don't know where we would be. They saved my house. Thank you SERVPRO. If anything ever happens I will be calling these guys. 

I will not hesitate to refer anyone to SERVPRO. They came at the right time to take me out of the terrible mess that we were in, during a holiday where they could be elsewhere enjoying the day off. I greatly appreciate that they came right away. 

I am so happy with the service from SERVPRO. Christi and Ashley were incredible, professional, diligent workers. They took such good care of our home. Both are wonderful employees, and their job knowledge is to be commended. We will always be grateful to them for restoring our home, they are a great blessing to us. 

Ashley and Heather are a great team, they are not only professional and courteous. They are very thorough with their work ethic. My husband and I were very pleased with the job the ladies did at our home. I highly recommend this team should anyone need this type of service. We need more work crews like them.

The SERVPRO team was awesome! From start to finish, Roman and his crew were awesome! The crew had a great attitude throughout the entire process. Roman answered our questions before we could ask them and was very knowledgeable, explaining the entire process of the textile company, the pack-out, and drying. 

Thank you for sending such a professional and polite water crew during this time of disruption in my home. 

The Fire Crew was awesome. They put my mind at ease and I am very pleased with the work they did. 

SERVPRO did an excellent job. They were very respectful and did what they said they were going to do. If I had to go through it again, I would use the same people. 

What a Great experience I had with Taylor and the company. I needed someone to come out ASAP because the water had been sitting there for a few days and mold had started to develop and my wood floors had buckled. Taylor came out fast and not only did I get a very fair quote for the size of the job, He explained everything along with the process. They started working pulling out the floors and sheet rock that day and treating the mold. I also was so impressed at the way Taylor took charge and dealt with my Insurance company, he was very knowledge and it was good to have someone to deal with the insurance company from start to finish to relived some of the pressure off of me. I can honestly say I was beyond pleased with the service I received from this company. I am truly grateful for Taylor and this company , it was a 7 day job but every day Taylor kept me in the loop, I never had to wonder what was going on, and even better I didn’t have different people coming in and out my house, I kept the same rep the entire time . Lastly I would like to mention how they were sure to make me feel safe by wearing mask and also cleaning up the area after finishing daily. It’s so refreshing to still get a company that really cares about their customer's and willing to go above and beyond the call of duty especially in such a stressful and scary situation. Hopefully I will never have to use them in the future but I will definitely highly recommend them. They were honest & fair, Thank you Taylor & SERVPRO for making this stressful situation a lot more bearable!

The SERVPRO crew has been consistent with excellent service provided. Thank you. 

I felt completely confident in the care of my belongings by the very nice staff. Thank you! 

Patrick and Jeff were both the most professional people I have ever done business with. Being a business owner myself I appreciate great customer service. 

I'm extremely satisfied with the service provided. 

Tim and Daniel were professional and empathetic throughout the process. 

I would recommend SERVPRO to my friends and family. I will certainly call on this team again. Very trustworthy. 

Tim, Austin, Jacob & Herman were all very helpful and knowledgeable. They did an excellent job. Job Well done.  

The crew was very knowledgeable and friendly and handled our needs promptly and thoroughly. 

Calm and collected demeanor instilled great confidence through this stressful water damage situation. 

You guys at SERVPRO of Decatur have been awesome. Tim and Herman were very professional, courteous, and prompt. Awesome team. 

Tim’s team was perfect in every way, couldn’t have asked for anything or anyone better.Very professional, Tim explained everything every step of the way and then exceeded our expectations. He was able to save our hardwoods.

They Fire Crew was the best, very professional and very friendly. 

Great experience! 

Very good customer service, made my wife feel comfortable with contractors in the home. Very professional. 

Marquis was amazing and very knowledgeable. 

I felt safe and secure thru the entire process of getting my house back to normal.

The crews were very professional and kind.

The crew explained everything very well thru the process.

Everyone you sent out – manager, crew and repair manager – all were very knowledgeable and concerned about my needs.

I would absolutely recommend this group. They answered all my questions and was an easy process.

Tim and then TJ took the time and answered all my questions.  I would highly recommend y’all to anyone! 

They were able to immediately get a crew out to our location and addressed the issues right away. It was a
very easy process. I was surprised and quite pleased with how smoothly it all went.

All of the techs were professional, courteous, and wonderful to work with but one man stood out John always
stood out. Seemed to go above and beyond. He is a excellent employee. Thank u all for helping us.

Your service personnel was amazing. We highly recommend your company.

Service was great. I appreciate the thoroughness of the staff and the explanations of all the procedures. 

Keep up the great service...it's great and very prompt! Thank you!

I am writing this letter to commend your staff on their professionalism, kindness, and showers of empathy, displayed during my stressful encounter. Your team tried their best to remove all stress from me…for this I am truly grateful. I am thankful I met this awesome group of professional people. They are awesome, and have superior customer service skills. I always felt their genuine, caring spirit. I want to say "thank you" to your staff. They are all near and dear to my heart!

I am writing in reference to an ‘AWESOME JOB’ done by all. Ms. Smith’s timing was impeccable, as she assisted with getting a crew to my home very quickly. Mr. Edwards and Mr. Faircloth is the hardest working gentleman I've ever had the pleasure of meeting. In conclusion, SERVPRO was a ‘GOD SENT COMPANY.’ Thank you for your much needed help. I am truly blessed to have had the honor, privilege, and pleasure to patronize with your company.

We have called Danny Brown on many occasions when we had water damage. They always respond quickly and professionally! My greatest memory is after Hurricane Katrina when our church was the Red Cross Service Delivery Area for South Atlanta. More than 18,000 people came through our building in a nine day period. SERVPRO provided volunteers, monetary donations and more than a dozen fans to assist our overworked air conditioning. I encourage you to call them for any problems your facility incurs.

Ryan Braswell was exceptional! He made us feel so comfortable and supported during this challenging time for our family. His communication skills were top notch! Thank you, Ryan, for your service!

The crew was awesome. It was wonderful having professionals working with me to assist me during this time.

Great experience! Excellent service: Tim and Jay were very sensitive to my situation/loss.

I appreciate the concern TJ and his team provided during my cleanup. They were able to determine my leak was dry by going through the exterior wall. That showed SERVPRO cares about its customers. I will recommend you guys to my friends and family!

Keep up the great work! TJ was great and his team did a fantastic job! Thank you!

Extremely pleased with service!

You have everything in control and I am very happy with a job well done. I will recommend you to my friends and family!

The guys were great! I would have been lost without them!

I really appreciate the professionalism of your team and management staff. They made this process much smoother. Thank you!

From Ryan on down to Angela, Sherika, Darryl, Charles and Josh...THEY WERE AWESOME!! You would have thought my items were THEIRS!! I JUST DON'T HAVE ENOUGH WORDS TO HEAP ON THEM!!

Thank you for your professionalism and courteous team. Tim is super in my eyes...I was always confident with his work, advice, and explanations.

Keep doing what you do! VERY IMPRESSED!

The carpets look AMAZING! Thanks!

Keep up the Great Customer Service!

These guys went above and beyond what I expected would happen!

TJ and Jay have completely EXCEEDED my expectations during a stressful time! They have been thorough, professional and friendly - thank you!

Hal was my contact throughout and, by far, the most professional, knowledgeable and polite contractor I have worked with in a long time.

Keep on as you're doing - absolutely wonderful! EVERYONE from beginning to end has done an absolutely outstanding job!

I have to tell you I was extremely impressed with Eric and the team that showed up. They were very professional and just got to work so quickly. They were there and working within an hour of my call. That is what I call great customer service! Having just taken over this building a week ago, it was so nice to have such a bad situation under control so quickly.

I have had the pleasure to work with Patti in all different facets of real estate and working with SERVPRO has been an extremely positive experience. Not only is every team member professional, I have the peace of mind knowing that everything will be okay from start to finish. I especially appreciate the communication via reports and photos throughout each job. I highly recommend this team.

Your professionals helped me through the most difficult day. I could tell they "felt my pain." I liked how "my girls" labeled some boxes extra for me, like "Christmas" in addition to just "living room." I was treated with superior respect!

Jordan and Ryan were outstanding in their delivery of service. Professional, well-mannered, helpful, kind and courteous. I felt comfortable and trusted both of them. Great service...great teamwork!

Gary and Richard were very professional! They answered all 100 questions that I had! If further service is needed in the future, I will refer this company...please make sure to send these guys!

Thank you so much...service was incredible!

Outstanding service!

Carpet looks fantastic! Great job!

Very professional!

We appreciated the prompt service and are glad to know that our suite is free from mold and mildew that may have resulted due to flooding in our suite.

From the time John showed up on the initial day to the project closeout, this SERVPRO franchise was very prompt, responsive, and knowledgeable. The service provided was excellent and the process went so smoothly that the building's occupants and surgical center were kept satisfied without any business interruption. I would highly recommend their services.

The staff was excellent. Eric gave his prompt attention to our every need. We would use them in the future. SERVPRO is the best!

SERVPRO was perfect! I was very impressed overall. I've already recommended to several people.

I was impressed and satisfied with the professionalism and high-level of customer service demonstrated by the professionals in assessing and addressing my recent flooding issue. The crew did a thorough and outstanding job! I would highly recommend them!

I will call on SERVPRO if ever I need to again and would strongly recommend them to others!

Great customer service! Keep doing what you are doing! Everyone has been great!

Your professionals were very professional and timely in this time of need. Big thanks to SERVPRO!

All staff, from technicians to office staff, were polite, prompt and listened to our concerns right away, addressing them to the best of their ability. It definitely helped us as concerned homeowners to lessen our worries through the process.

Exemplary job!

The cleaning and restoration were beyond satisfactory! I would recommend SERVPRO to my family and friends!

The crews did an awesome job! It was wonderful having professionals working with me to assist me during this time!

I am thankful once again that your team was able to assist me in this difficult time.

Excellent job by James and Cody! Very professional and courteous!

TJ and Darryl are very polite, professional and nice to work with! Thank you!

Staff was excellent! Really nice and professional. They made me feel safe and that the job would be completed accurately! 

Really appreciate the quick response and the communication from them. We were very impressed and satisfied. 

I love the service. 

All of the crew that came to my home over the course of 6 days were extremely professional. I would highly recommend them. John Fairley, Justin Couch, Deveil McCollum were extremely extremely professional and I felt comfortable enough with them to leave my home opened if I had needed to. TJ Foster was also very hands on and knowledgeable with the execution of being thorough in making sure everything was dry and in order. I was so over-impressed with the entire crew. Job well done.    

Can I adopt all the young people who came out from SERVPRO? Very professional and kind. 

I was very impressed with the professionalism and customer service. The gentlemen knew what they are doing. Thank you. I will definitely use you in the future. 

I am very pleased with the mitigation service that I have received from SERVPRO. I would recommend SERVPRO to others. 

I was very happy with the service they provided. The work was thorough and they were very kind. 

The SERVPRO team was very cooperative & user-friendly. They were able to dry us out very quickly. Thanks! 

The guys were very knowledgeable and detailed in explaining all questions asked. I would definitely use again if needed. Very satisfied.