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The Importance of Cleaning Dryer Vents

11/1/2023 (Permalink)

Dirty or clogged dryer vents and ductwork don’t just reduce your dryer’s performance. The combination of heat and accumulated dryer lint and dust can lead to a fire hazard. In fact, clogged clothes dryer vents cause thousands of fires per year in the United States. Learn how to clean a dryer vent at least once a year to keep your home safe and ensure that laundry day runs at peak efficiency. 

According to the U.S. Fire Administration’s National Fire Data Center, clothes dryers are responsible for more than 15,000 structure fires around the country each year, and 80% of those fires start with clogged dryer vents.

There are a few warning signs that your dryer vent needs to be cleaned out. One sign is if your laundry is taking longer to dry your clothes or other items than it usually does. Dryers work by removing hot, moist air, so if something is preventing that air from getting out, your laundry will most likely need a few extra cycles to dry. Another sign is if you notice that your clothes have a strange smell, this could mean that your dryer is not ventilating properly.

To reduce the risk of these fires happening in your or your insured’s home or business, SERVPRO of Henry and Spalding Counties can help clean dryer vents and ducts that may have lint buildup.

For more information on cleaning dryer vents contact SERVPRO of Henry and Spalding Counties at 678-432-3003.

Cleaning Your Chimney

11/1/2023 (Permalink)

It is getting colder in the area, and before long, you will want to start building cozy fires in your fireplace to warm up from the winter cold.

Fall is already here, and before you know it you and your family can relax in front of the fireplace knowing that it will not go up in a fury ball of flame.

Before your decide to build that first fire, you will want to ensure that your chimney is clean so that it is safe for all of these fires this winter. 

It may seem to you that the only people who clean chimneys were the guys from Mary Poppins...but believe me, everyone should be cleaning their chimneys to prevent any unwanted emergencies in the home.  There are so many ways debris can get into chimneys, and it is important to ensure it is all removed.

The National Fire Protection Association estimates that 27% of home heating fires were the result of not cleaning chimneys. For that reason, you should have your chimney professionally cleaned at least once a year. Soot and creosote can build up in your chimney flue. Particles start to stick to the side of the flue instead of going up the chimney. Each fall, inspect your chimney and make sure it is free of debris, such as dead leaves, bird nests, critters, etc.

If your home has suffered damage from a fire, call SERVPRO of Henry and Spalding Counties and SERVPRO of Clayton County- 678-432-3003

Air Purifier Advantages

11/1/2023 (Permalink)

According to IQAir, the most polluted cities in Georgia are

  1. Warner Robins
  2. Macon
  3. Albany
  4. McDonough
  5. Valdosta
  6. Atlanta

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) conducted a few experiments on human exposure to air pollutants and they found that the indoor levels of pollutants, such as wood burning, smoke from tobacco, dust mites, mold, nitrogen dioxide, pet dander, radon, etc. were two to five times (an in certain situations more than 100 times) higher than outdoor levels of pollutants.

During the spring and summer there is an added risk due to the fact that humidity and high temperatures can increase the concentration of some pollutants in and around your home. 

An easy fix to improve the air quality of your home is invest in a good air purifier. Check Consumer Reports’ Air Purifier Buying Guide to find the best for your family. Make sure you choose one with a good filtration system such as HEPA filters.

There are other advantages to having an air purifier in your home such as:

  • Helping to remove allergens.
  • Reducing asthma triggers in the air. 
  • Reducing risk of airborne virus exposure. 
  • Less harmful particles. 
  • Freedom from stinky odors. 
  • Less dust buildup. 
  • Better sleep environment.

If you are worried about mold in your home, call an experienced company like SERVPRO of Henry, Butts and Spalding Counties and SERVPRO of Clayton County to help you- 678-432-3003.

We will come out and inspect your property to ensure that you are your family are safe from any hidden mold buildup.

Flooded Basement = No Fun

11/1/2023 (Permalink)

Have your ever had to deal with a flooded basement? If you have, you know that it is no fun!!

While it seems very unlikely right now due to the lack of rain we have been getting in the area, all it can take is a short stretch of heavy rain to create a disaster of a basement.

If you ever do have to deal with a flooded basement, make sure you call a restoration company with the experience needed to tackle this type of water damage. You definitely want to ensure you have professionals who are trained to clean and restore your property as well as check for serious problems that can occur, such as mold buildup. 

At SERVPRO of Henry and Spalding Counties and SERVPRO of Henry, Spalding, Butts and Clayton Counties, our crews have the necessary equipment to pump out the water from your basement and start the drying process.

Make sure to not leave standing water for a long period because as mentioned above, basements are prime spots for mold to spread, and this can become a serious issue over time in an area. 

Make sure to clean the gutters regularly, invest in a good sump pump, buy flood sensors (choose one where you get alerts sent straight to your phone), and protect basement windows with a window well cover.

Hire a qualified flood restoration company like SERVPRO of Henry, Spalding, and Butts Counties and SERVPRO of Clayton County to help with your flooded basement- 678-432-3003.

Meet Our Reconstruction Team

3/15/2023 (Permalink)

Photo of SERVPRO Reconstruction Team Our Reconstruction Division is responsible for repairing and re-building what our Mitigation Department has torn down, following a fire or water loss.

We would love for you to meet our Reconstruction Team here at SERVPRO®.

Our Reconstruction Division is responsible for repairing and re-building what our Mitigation Department has torn down, following a fire or water loss. 

We know your home is one of your biggest and most valued investments. You can trust us with all the details of your home construction or renovation project. From floor to ceiling to roof, you can count on our professional construction services.

Our technicians will contact and manage the multiple crews needed and oversee your construction project from start to finish. We will also work with your insurance company to help navigate the claims process and coordinate the necessary paperwork for an easier experience. With 2180 locations in the United States and Canada, there’s a SERVPRO available to take your call around the clock.

Whether you’re looking for an upgrade or have suffered damage to your home, the professionals at SERVPRO® are ready to help. We provide a full range of residential and professional construction services to complete your project.

Our highly trained professionals will oversee your project from start to finish. We offer all services needed to rebuild and repair after a water or fire loss. This includes inspection and estimating, mitigation, restoration and reconstruction.

We are competent and experienced and believe in delivering quality workmanship, so your house will feel like home. We’ll work with your insurance company to restore your home to help make it “Like it never even happened.”

Cleaning Your Gutters Is Like Brushing Your Teeth

11/2/2022 (Permalink)

Clogged Gutters Clogged gutters cannot not serve their purpose when they look like this.

As your local SERVPRO of Clayton County franchise, our professionals are ready and available 24/7/365 to assist you when you need us most, as it relates to water damages to your home or place of business. While it is extremely important to our organization to be that helping hand to you, it is just as important that we play a part in helping you prepare for the unknown. Unfortunately, no one knows when disaster will strike, but there are some things you can do each year to be prepared, especially as storm season comes and goes. 

In our business, we have seen far too many valuables become ruined because they were not properly stored in your home. Google offers great options for storage containers and taking a few minutes to online-purchase several of these is well-worth your time. Once you receive your containers, we recommend going through your home and placing photo albums, books, family heirlooms, and other precious valuables in the containers-- dry, of course. 

Even though this may seem obvious, schedule an semi-recurring calendar reminder on your phone to remind yourself when it's time to clean. More often than not, those seasonal, decorative items that get tucked in that unseen corner of that room on the other end of the house. In the event of a water damage, you will likely not have time to clear these areas that collect items throughout the year. 

And your gutters! While it comes at the expense of a couple hundred dollars typically, having your gutters periodically cleaned out each year is essential to protecting your home from heavy rains. If your gutters are clogged, they cannot serve their purpose in funneling water away from the foundation of your home. Take the time to schedule a professional to come out and clean your gutters for you. Cleaning your property's gutters is like brushing your teeth! Think about it! 

SERVPRO of Clayton County technicians are trained to deal with any water damage disaster.

Water damage? Call us today at 678-432-3003.

Business Owners, You Can Avoid Being a Part of An Ugly Statistic

11/2/2022 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Emergency Ready Profile 50% of business may never reopen after suffering a disaster, such as a water or fire damage. You can avoid being a part of that statistic!

If you are a business owner, the absolute, most important step you can take to ensuring your business is prepared for the unfortunate (and most often, unpredictable) event of fire, water, mold, and biohazard events from occurring is scheduling a time for your local SERVPRO of Clayton County pros in green to come out and offer our free, at-no-cost assessment of your facility.

During this visit, we are not there to show you every flaw of your building. Your time is valuable, and let's be honest, who wants to hear about everything structurally vulnerable to your building. Instead, we simply gather all of the pertinent information regarding your building, such as the locations of all of your main water shut-off valves, for instance. We also take the time to take photos of these valves with descriptions of where they are located in your building, as well as establish a proper chain-of-command of who your SERVPRO professionals should be communicating with when having work authorizations signed, and more. 

Your property manager and team will receive a physical copy of this Emergency Ready Profile (ERP) as well as a free app for those approved in your building to access at any given time to ensure the proper response to any unfortunate event that has taken place at your building. A whopping 50% of business may never reopen after suffering a disaster, such as a water or fire damage. Alternatively, the businesses who took us up on establishing an ERP for their building are able to reopen quickly because of this preparation. We do the work for you in creating your ERP as a token of our appreciation for being your dependable, local team of disaster restoration professionals. 

Give SERVPRO of Clayton County a call today to schedule your ERP! You will never regret it! 


Have You Considered a Family Emergency Kit?

11/2/2022 (Permalink)

Storm Survival Kit An example of items in your storm kit

The Southeastern US is quite a hot spot for severe storms, especially those areas near the coastal areas. Having an emergency kit to survive a bad storm containing power outages for days as emergency personnel make their way to fallen trees on powerlines is always a good measure to follow. And as with any item you rarely use, it is important that you store it in a location that is easily accessible in the time of an emergency. If you are keeping up with the news regarding Hurricane Ian, you have probably seen news clippings of families expressing how much they wish they had this or that and how it would have helped them in a tremendous way in dealing with the aftermath of the storm. Please do not wait for an event to happen—instead, get out ahead of it.

Items to consider for your family’s emergency kit:

  • Storage: Purchase a heavy-duty plastic storage tub with latching lids. Store smaller items inside the tub in air-tight plastic storage bags. Make sure this storage container is easy to access on a moment’s notice.
  • Water: Store unopened water bottles in a cool, dark environment next to your emergency kit. You want to figure enough water for 1 gallon per day for each family member. It is also a good idea to plug a bathtub and fill it with water to use for basic hygiene and sanitation procedures.
  • Food: Store a three-to-four-day supply of nonperishable food in your emergency kit. Keep an eye on expiration dates. Food items with longer shelf lives include but not limited to canned veggies, soups, energy bars, and unsalted nuts. Remember this is an emergency, storm-survival kit—not trying to win a cooking show here.
  • First Aid: Essential to any survival kit is having first aid handy and ready to use, if needed. You will want the necessities to a First Aid Kit, so of course Motrin/Tylenol, and any store supplies to treat injuries like cuts, wounds, pain and burns.
  • Toiletries: All the type of items you tend to forget about in a normal day having plenty of supply. You will want to include the basics in your kit: toilet paper, tissue, soap, toothpaste, diapers and hand sanitizer.
  • Radio: We live in a day where an AM/FM radio is nearly foreign to children today, so this is a perfect time to run to Walmart (with your child for educational purposes) and purchase a battery-powered or hand crank radio so you can tune in to important storm warnings and other emergency information that would normally be available at your fingertips. To avoid corrosion, store your batteries for the radio, uninstalled, in a plastic baggy labeled “Radio.”
  • Flashlight / Lantern: Being in the fire restoration business, it is encouraged to steer clear of using burning candles for light, especially with pets and children present in the home. Instead, make sure and pick up a flashlight or lantern along with an extra set of batteries!
  • Heat: An indoor propane heater or a camp-like stove can act as much needed comfort when the power is out for an extended period. But whatever you do, please make sure the heater (or stove) is safe for indoor use.
  • Cash-on-Hand: Even when the storm is over, ATMs and credit/debit card machines could still be down. Make sure to keep a backup supply of cash for emergency supplies needed when stores are unable to accept plastic.

When Experiencing a Flood Loss, Respond Quickly!

11/2/2022 (Permalink)

Flooded basement With SERVPRO's top-of-the-line water extraction and drying equipment, we can make your basement like this "Never Even Happened."

You cannot always predict a water loss occurring at your home, but you can take measures of being prepared to deal with the damage efficiently, and this preparation can be the difference of being displaced from your home for several weeks, as opposed to a few days. 

Even though residents from the Clayton County area of Georgia do not experience real threats from flood damage as the annual precipitation measurements are on the low end of 16 inches per year. However, flooding can occur from a myriad of situations. Basements to homes are especially known for experiencing the most damage from such tragic events as flooding from a heavy rain. The hard truth: a flooded basement, if not handled quickly and properly, can jeoparize the health of your family and loved ones. It is worth making a call to your local SERVPRO professionals here at SERVPRO of Clayton County, as we are "Faster to Any Disaster."

Things to remember about your Pros in Green:

  1. We are available to assist 24/7/365.
  2. We are a Preferred Vendor to most National Insurance Carriers.
  3. Our industry-certified, SERVPRO Technicians are highly-trained in Water Restoration techniques and procedures.
  4. SERVPRO is home to your advanced inspection and Water Extraction Equipment

Has your basement or other parts of your home experienced a flood loss? Call us today. 

As your local SERVPRO of Henry, Spalding, Butts and Clayton Counties franchise, we're ready to help-- 678-432-3003

Why is Cleaning Your Air Ducts Important?

10/5/2022 (Permalink)

Commercial Air Duct The average air duct system should be cleaned every 3 to 5 years.

There is nothing like the sense of accomplishment that comes with taking proactive measures to ensure the safety of your household, or clients in and out of your place of business. A great way to consider starting the journey in ensuring your home or place of business has a clean environment, consider having your air ducts cleaned on a regular basis. The average air duct system should be cleaned every 3 to 5 years, but if you are unsure, it is good practice to at least begin by having a visual inspection of your air ducts performed to ensure there are no large deposits of dust or mold. It is also important to make sure there are no must odors or visible mold growth.

A general overview of when you should consider having your air ducts cleaned is when there is visible mold growth inside hard surfaces, when there is evidence of vermin infestation (rodents, bugs, etc.), and the more obvious: when your ducts are clogged with excessive amounts of dust and debris. It is also important to note that many sections of your HVAC may not be accessible for a DIY, visual inspection, so it is a good practice to schedule a service provider to show you any mold they feel exists in and around your heating and cooling system. If you want to take it a step further, grab a piece of household tape, lay it across an accessible surface in which your service provider says contains mold, and send off the sample to a microbiology laboratory so they can determine if it is indeed mold, or simply a substance that resembles mold.